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Farm Fresh Turkeys

Free Range on Pasture

Fresh never Frozen for Thanksgiving

Non-GMO and Free Range Feed


Currently turkeys are raised specifically for the Thanksgiving period, to be processed in October. Turkeys arrive as day old chicks directly from the hatchery as a bred know as Large White. Turkeys grow from day old chicks to a market ready bird of between 17 to 24 pounds in approximately 15-16 weeks. Once the turkey chicks have grow a complete set of features, at around 4 to 6 weeks, they are allowed out doors to free range. Up until this time, they are fed non-GMO feed based on their age and protein requirements. While free ranging they are also supplemented with additional non-GMO feed.

Our turkeys are sold on a pre-order basis, generally established prior to September of each year. Supplies are limited so client must request orders as early as possible. Turkeys are usually scheduled for pickup, fresh not frozen, 3 days before Thanksgiving.


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