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What Makes Us Different

Ethically Raised Animals

Raised in a free range on pasture environment. The animals have both indoor and outdoor space to freely roam around.

Antibiotic Free Feed

The animals are fed antibiotic free feed, with a grain and torn feed as a finishing aid. No growth hormones or aids are added to the feed or water.

Humane Processing

The meat is processed by a trusted butcher, in a humane manner. The butcher is a small, family-owned business in the Huntsville area.

Products We Offer

Free Range Lamb

Chicken become ready for egg production at around 22 weeks of age and will continue to produce for up to 2 and half to 3 years of age. Each chick will produce a single egg in each 24 hour period

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Meat Poultry

Unlike laying hens, chickens raised for meat production are bred for that specific purpose with the growing period of between 7 and 9 weeks to market. These chickens are known as White Rock chickens

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Angus Beef

All beef is raised free range on pasture and store hay during the Winter months, then in the final 2 months of growth they are supplemented with a grain and torn feed as a finishing aid

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Farm Fresh Turkey

Turkeys arrive as day old chicks directly from the hatchery as a bred know as Large White. Turkeys grow from day old chicks to a market ready bird of between 17 to 24 pounds in approximately 15-16 weeks

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Ethically raised free range eggs for sale

If you’d like to purchase eggs or arrange a weekly pickup, email us!

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