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Grade Your Eggs Locally!


At Currie’s Corner Farm, we do things differently and that sets us apart. From how we treat our animals and land, to our egg grading processes. The result is service and product that stands out, just like us.

Everything we do, we do with care and love.


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Our Story

Currie’s Corner Farm’s mission is to do more with less, and to squeeze everything out of what we do! We respect the land and animals, and appreciate the work it takes to make product that is better than the rest. We do this by eliminating the distance that produce travels, making it more nutritious, accessible and flavourful.

At Currie’s Corner Farm, we believe that growing food locally builds a strong community that is less dependent on the large-scale food industry. As consumers, we benefit from a strong relationship between ourselves and our farmers, which empowers us to be part of the food production process.


Certified Egg Grading Station

Huntsville, Ontario

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